Finally, in addition to our review above, you can read up reviews of the product that you have narrowed down before you proceed to purchase. But it works equally well on virtually any acoustically balanced guitar. Strat pickups can be expensive but there are also those that come at an extremely budget-friendly price tag without compromising on quality. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to images are the property of their respective owners. Great sounding bridge, great build quality. The SSL4 produces a remarkably clean sound at lower volumes and is powerful only at higher volumes. The sound produced is so amazing, warm, and clean that they can be even used for professional set-ups. But this does not mean that it is not capable of clean sounds. This pack consists of one each of the three pickups, namely the bridge pickup, the neck pickup and the middle pickup to cover all the different tones. Getting the magical sound of a single-coil pickup does not mean you spend a fortune. As a result, the sound produced by the TR3 is meatier, has more punch, and is much clearer. It works as intended and alows for moderate bends while staying in tune. Clearly, when you buy these single pickups you are getting more value for your money. The Wilkinson is sooo smooth it really puts the Fender tremolo to shame. It also comes at half the cost of some high-end pickups giving you more value for your money. The TRS3 may be inspired by the very first strat pickups but their construction takes advantage of the modern design which is more accurate and consistent. If you are budget-conscious and do not want to spend a fortune on single-coil pickups then these pickups will be the right choice for you. Bridge pick-up, really brought out my lead tone. Wilkinson review / Pickups / Unbiased reviews of guitar equipment, CD and DVD music at Ultimate-Guitar.Com You can get the same sound with TRS3 but at a much smaller price point even though it is much higher than the other pickups in the segment. Whether you want to cancel hum, or simply love the vintage sound or hot output of single-coil pickups, strat pickups are the answer. It also helps to ask for a recommendation from friends or fellow musicians. But you will need to add a reverse-wound pickup for the middle position in order to cancel hum. If you have to use the Wilkinson WVS, then you will love the MWVS which is an improved version. They are also bound with tape to prevent damage and wax-potted to prevent feedback when high gain settings are used. The TR3 is a new and improved version of the TR1. Experience raw power with the SSL4 as it produces a fat sound that is punchy. So my opinion: probably better than your stock pick-ups, but not like the most incredible thing ever. Here is what you need to know before you buy an aftermarket strat pickup for your guitar. If you want to get the best out of the SSL4 then it is recommended that you use them on rosewood fingerboards. This is one of the best start pickups for Blues and the sound of the late 60s. The best thing about the TRS3 is that it sounds amazing in all of the 5 positions and especially so in positions 2 and 4. Once you finish reading through our reviews and choosing your next purchase, make sure to leave us a comment below and let us know which telecaster bridge you chose and why. Whether it is hard rock or blues rock or classic rock, this start pickup can handle all kinds of rock music. Not only is the sound reminiscent of the 60s blues but even the looks have been reproduced with the use of the gray fiberboard flatwork. They produce extremely rich vintage sounds and are more worthy than their under $40 price tag. The output DC resistance of the neck pickup is 5.5k while that of the middle pickup and the bridge pickup are 5.6 k. This 3pc pickup set will bring out the classic vintage sound from your guitar and let you play everything from rock to blues to hard rock to metal and much more. If you own a Strat guitar then finding the best strat pickups is essential to getting the amazing vintage sound you expected when you bought your guitar. Thanks to modern pickup construction, the same amazing vintage sound of the single-coil is found on budget-friendly models too. Just looking at it puts a wobble in my walk! You might also like our reviews on aquarium thermometer reviews 2019, Top Rechargeable Emergency Lights, and Best Handheld GPS For Hunting. Wilkinson Prototype. For strat guitars, the pickup configuration is denoted as SSS which means that three single-coil pickups are placed on the guitar with spacing in between. The strat tremolo has some problems integral to the design, none of which are eliminated by even the best set-up (and the guitar tech I use is absolutely brilliant). It's the best sounding guitar I own. Also had new pots. The Fender Strat Hot Noiseless Pickups offers enduring versatility across different sound applications. When you play aggressively, the pickup gives the necessary punch to the sound while you can also play softly for sweet and mellow sounds. If you found any image copyrighted to yours, please contact us, so we can remove it. The Fender Tex-Mex might just be the one for you. There are remarkable differences in the sound produced by each of these types of coils. Whether you are a lead guitar player or like to play rhythm, the SSL4 works equally well in both situations. So what essentially happens is that the reduced movement of the string produces lesser voltage and consequently a lesser volume level than the other positions. But don’t worry about static and other noise being amplified as the output is very quiet and might get noisy only if you increase the gain too much. This speaks for the quality of these pickups and the unbelievable sound quality which is comparable to some high-end strat pickups. This single-coil pick employs the non-staggered pole piece design for that incredible vintage sound. The SSL4 is a versatile pickup as you do not need three separate pickups for the various positions. The magnets are hand polished Alnico magnet 5 magnets which due to the overwound coils produce the best sound that only single-coil pickups can deliver. If you are looking for a good quality strat pickup for your guitar then look no further. If you have already used any of these bridges, we would appreciate your feedback or a short review, as that would help other readers make their final decision as well! The pickup is very good for playing Blues, Rock, and Jazz but in reality, can be used for almost any genre. Wilkinson has established himself as a reputable parts designer yielding quality parts for custom projects without leaving a dent on your pocket book. Luckily, we’ve simplified this process for you by putting together some reviews and comparisons of the best strat pickups on the market according to sales and user reviews. Pickups come as either single-coil or double-coil ones. The same pickup can be used for either the neck or the bridge position. The MWVS comes as bridge pickups, middle pickups, and neck pickups. The Best Strat Pickups of 2020 – [Reviews & Buyers Guide],, The secret to the fat sound is in the coil. So when you use all three pickups as a set, the neck-middle and the middle-bridge pickup combinations will give you a hum-canceling effect. They produce a $100 sound in just an under $15 budget giving you the best of both worlds. If the sound of Blues is what you love, then the Tonerider TRS3 is something you should consider for your guitar. The Great Device © 2018 The pickup does equally well in both cases. These pickups use the Alcino V type magnets to produce the rich and warm sounds that are typical of the 60s starts. Never ever buy cheap pickups for your strat guitar when you can buy these budget-friendly pickups that will give cheap ones a run for their money. The set comes with one bridge pickup that is hotter, a middle pickup that is reverse wound, and a neck pickup. But when you employ the bridge version of the Hot Noiseless pickup, be ready for a screaming sound with a high gain. The bridge is well made and installation was easy. Fender Tex-Mex Strat Pickups. The middle pickup is reverse wound or has a reverse-polarity and cancels hum in positions 2 and 4. The pickup placement changes for each guitar type and is also known as the pickup configuration. Installing these strat pups is a breeze as it comes with everything you need in the box. A strat has multiple sites of friction where the strings have a tendency to 'hang'. However, it was still crappy guitar and the tone still wasn't great. However finding the right pickup can be a time-consuming, and onerous task. This pickup is equipped with a polyol-coated magnet wire that ensures that the output is bright and crisp. The overall look and feel is seamless and with locking tuners, this thing stays in tune extremely well. The only thing you will need to add is to crank up the volume and hear the quality sound produced.