8 comments. What to do with old flour and rancid nuts. And yet for many years of our marriage I rarely had it on hand. It was stored in an airtight container and smelled perfectly fine. This is the reason Jewish women are commanded by law to throw out their old flour. 0 1. I once had a bag of flour for making bread in the bread machine but then just stopped making bread for quite awhile. Source(s): 55 years old. But flour is scarce right now, and we're all approaching ingredients a little bit differently. As if you needed any further proof that you ought to keep plenty of flour on hand (or in case you do) here’s a list of some things you can do with all purpose flour. sally2_gw September 19, 2015. I realized that the flour expired almost two years ago. But check if there is flour worms in the flour. Typically, if you find out of date flour (or any expired ingredient) in your cupboard you just sigh, discard it, and buy some more. Don't let these hard times get you down; at some point your supermarket will be fully stocked with all kinds of flour once more. hide . I'll post if I do… I'm thinking of making a flour craft kit...good idea?? How to Store Coconut Flour . Some of these would even make great gifts! It’s a great way to get two products out of one ingredient! Next time I decided to do some bread, I opened the container and didn't notice any off smell so was getting ready to get started. report. This thread is archived. 1) practice with a solar oven to make something for the chickens Feed it to the chickens directly. Here are some great ways of using expired flour. But then I noticed a slight undulation, and when I looked more closely, the whole thing was undulating. Unfortunately, we are also good at finding legal loopholes. How will you know if your experiment worked unless you try it yourself? It’s no secret flour is a major staple in any kitchen. What you need to do is to dry the pulp and blend it into a fine floury texture. I was selling these rum balls so I really want to make sure theyre okay.Should I just remake them? I just do not bake as much as I used to, so now I have flour that is expiring. All Purpose flour doesn't contain baking powder or salt and as long as it has been kept in a cool dark place in a good container, you shouldn't need to throw it out. Yes I'm sure I used coupons to get the flour in the first place, but I can't just toss it. SpinninJenny. I have a bag of King Arthur whole wheat flour that has been in the freezer for well over a year. aint ever seen any expired flour. 100% Upvoted. To do so, follow these steps: Fill up a plain glass with flour. And yet for many years of our marriage I rarely had it on hand. If you make your own coconut milk from scratch, you can also try making coconut flour from the pulp. The rum balls taste really good but now I'm incredibly anxious about it. What could you do with it? Let the jar stand in a bright and warm spot for about 1-2 hours. The plastic bag I had wrapped around it smells of the dreaded freezer smell, but when I take some of the flour out, I don't notice a strong smell. Normally no problem. Press together the flour, so you get a flat / hard surface, slightly below the rim of the glass. 1 decade ago. share. save. If it's settled and has large, hard clumps, I'd put it through a sifter to fluff it up and remove the lumps.