Match the right German word to the sentences, Gender of German nouns (substantives) - der, die, das, Flashcard game on the German feminine nouns, Exercise about plurals with mutated vowels, Exercise about adjectives and verbs as nouns in German, German personal pronouns exercise (nominative), Exercise of personal pronouns (case sensitive), Exercise on the German possessive pronouns, Execise of der, die, das as demonstrative pronoun, Exercise of German interrogative pronouns, Exercise of interrogative pronouns (declension), Exercise of the Declension of interrogative pronouns. My name is Karolin and I have been living in Chile for more than 2 years now. Think about all of the options you have for learning a new language like German. Fill in the correct German causal adverb? 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With noun/verb tables for the different cases and tenses links to audio pronunciation and … Put the German nouns into the correct case! aloud the following statement by President Ezra Taft Benson. Exercise: Add the correct German auxiliary verb! I would be very glad if you let me be your guide through your language lessons. Learn the translation for ‘read’ in LEO’s English ⇔ German dictionary. Exercise: Choose the correct conjunction! 91% of the population is German, while Turkish are the biggest minority group with 2.4%. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. I am studying DaF (German as a foreign language) as a subsidiary subject at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland. Form the correct plural form of the German nouns! My teacher Melanie is a dynamic and friendly teacher, very knowledgeable, flexible and open to discussions on any subject. Anytime. My name is Christina and I provide fun German and French language lesson for children and adult beginners or intermediate who want to strengthen their language skills, improve the grammar knowledge, enrich the vocabulary and get into the German culture! Germany, with over 81 million residents, is the second most populated country in Europe just behind Rusia. How to Read Common Letter Combinations of the Script. How to Read the Valiant Vowels of the Old German Script - Uppercase and Lowercase. Choose the correct conjugation of "sein" for the given tenses! I'm a German language teacher with a Master's degree in German language and literature. I worked there as a German Teacher for adults, so I speak German, English and French. How to Read the Lowercase Consonants of the Script. Understanding written German is both demanding and critical. * Please keep in mind that coLanguage shows only my general availability, if you want to schedule a free trial lesson just sent me a message and I will forward you my up-to-date schedule. How to Read German: A 4-Step No-sweat Guide for Beginners. I've been teaching via Skype for quite some time and I've found that this kind of work is fun. The learning material is all made by myself, because I'm a German teacher, so that means, I already got lots of working sheets for many topics. Exercise for prepositions with dative and accusative! Good way to improve your German is to read stories, books and newspapers in German, online or in print. Determine the form of use of these German adjectives! Fill in the blanks exercise in German indefinite adjectives. 70% identify themselves as Christians, 3.7% are declared as Muslims, while the rest are don’t belong to a religion or have a religion other than Christian or Muslim. Take online language lessons with a professional teacher. Choose the right conjugation of the German verbs. I find it harder to shop for food because one has, Schwieriger ist es für mich, Lebensmittel einzukaufen, weil ich, Consequently, I think that Ecofin’s first task should be, Deshalb glaube ich, dass der ECOFIN-Rat zuerst. to take sth as read (fig) (= as self-evident) etw als selbstverständlich voraussetzen; (= as agreed) etw für abgemacht halten they took the minutes as read (in meeting) sie setzten das Protokoll als bekannt voraus for “meet” read “met” anstelle or an Stelle von „meet“ soll „met“ stehen If my student is a beginner, I'm gonna start with the basics of the German language. My interest in learning foreign languages has arisen since I was a young girl. German has the same 26-letter alphabet as English. Exercise: Find the correct German prepositions for the dative! I design my online lessons communicatively and technically at a high Level with the help of various tools . 1. I speak Spanish fluently, but I do not want to cheat anyone, so I note here that I speak the spanish from Chile. , was einige unserer bisherigen Gäste über das Banks Mansion geschrieben haben. Looking for a language tutor? Olivia has been amazing in helping learn German in a crash course fashion. German lessons with a bilingual native speaker, I did the first 4 lessons and I am fully satisfied. At 13 I made up my mind to attend the foreign language high school where I graduaded with proficiency. About Italian students studying German with me, most of them are interested in deeping topics dealt at school or being prepared to get a certification. I work as language teacher in a school, teach adults at the German Culture Center and prepare my students for all types of official language exams. I'm looking forward to meeting you! I am looking forward to inspiring you through my online lessons! I also teach English for beginners and advanced beginners. I like explaining grammar, pronounciation, vocabulary and useful idioms. Match the correct German verb to the sentences, Form the German simple past and participle II form. read translate: lesen, lesen, vorlesen, lesen, studieren, ablesen, lauten, klingen, anzeigen, heißen, das Lesen. Conjugation of werden (to become) in German, Fill in the correct conjugation of the German auxiliary verb "werden". Cookies help us deliver our services. Thanks to many years of experience, I offer you professional language instruction via Skype.I am a native speaker (bilingual German and English) and have been working with Skype for over 9 years. I have been teaching for a few years privately via Skype Italian mainly to German adult students. That may be due in part to the more guttural pronunciation of certain German alphabet sounds and diphthongs and perhaps even a still lingering effect of old WWII movie stereotypes. I have been teaching foreign languages since 1994. Your first book to read in... French, German or Spanish Ever thought of improving your French, German or Spanish language skills by reading the best children’s fiction in those languages? Conjugation of dürfen (to be allowed) in German, Exercise: sentences with the verb 'dürfen', Exercise: Learn the conjugation of 'können', Exercise: Learn the conjugation of the verb 'mögen', Conjugation of müssen (to have to) in German, Exercise: sentences with the verb 'müssen', Conjugation of wollen (to want) in German, Exercise on the conjugation of the verb 'wollen', Separable and inseparable verbs in German, Exercise of separable and inseparable verb, Conjugation of regular verbs (weak verbs) in German, Exercise with sentences with the verb 'geben', Exercise on the conjugation the verb 'geben' in three different tenses, Conjugation of gehen (to walk, to go) in German, Exercise: sentences with the verb 'gehen', Fill in the blanks: Conjugation of the verb 'gehen', Multiple choice exercise: the correct conjugation of 'lassen', Fill in the blanks exercise for the verb 'lassen', Conjugation of nehmen (to take) in German, Exercise: Conjugate the German verb 'nehmen', Drag and drop exercise with the verb 'nehmen', Exercise on the conjugation of the verb 'fahren', Drag and drop exercise on the the verb 'fahren', Drag and drop: Sentences with the verb 'essen', Multiple choice exercise on the conjugation of 'lesen', Exercise: sentences with the verb 'sehen', Exercise on the conjugation of the verb 'sehen', Conjugation of kommen (to come) in German, Conjugation of trinken (to drink) in German, Exercise: Sentences with the verb 'trinken', Exercise on the conjugation of the verb 'trinken', Conjugation of schlafen (to sleep) in German, Exercise on the conjugation of 'schlafen', Conjugation of gefallen (to please) in German, Exercise on the verb construction 'jemandem gefallen' (to please someone), Exercise on the use of the verb 'gefallen', Conjugation of schreiben (to write) in German, Exercise: the verb 'schreiben' used in sentences, Exercise: Conjugation of the verb 'schreiben', Conjugation of helfen (to help) in German, Exercise: sentences with the verb 'laufen', Conjugation of treffen (to meet, to hit) in German, Conjugation of tragen (to carry) in German, Conjugation of bleiben (to stay) in German, Conjugation of schwimmen (to swim) in German, Conjugation of finden (to find) in German, Exercise: Another usage of the verb 'finden', Conjugation of waschen (to wash) in German, Exercise: sentences with the verb 'waschen', Conjugation of bekommen (to get) in German, Exercise: sentences with the verb 'bekommen', Cojugation of bringen (to bring) in German, Drag and drop exercise: sentences with the verb 'bringen', Conjugation of sprechen (to speak) in German, Exercise: sentences with the verb 'sprechen', Conjugation of heißen (to be called) in German, Exercise: sentences with the verb 'heißen', Conjugation of fliegen (to fly) in German, Exercise: sentences with the verb 'fliegen', Conjugation of backen (to bake) in German, Exercise: sentences with the verb 'backen', Conjugation of steigen (to rise) in German.