They also have a good assortment of meats in the frozen section. There are three parts to this place. They also sell hot food that you order at the checkout. They have a mavelous range of salsas, tortillas, beans, rice and everything else a latin kitchen needs. We know the products you really need, and we sell at sensible prices. VISIT SITE, They have been  offering an outstanding selection of the finest produce from Portugal and Brazil for over 15 years. ), a decent Asian section, and more recently some organic and specialty products. Home; Products; Search; Home; Products; Search; COVID-19. Importing quality, hard-to-find ingredients from Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador and Mexico, Casa Iberica will supply you with anything you need for your next Latin feast. Due to maintance of website flat shipping charge of $15 will apply on Melbourne order only for further info call on 0424946342 thank you. The market is nice and clean, great selection of products. I cannot find anything on google. Houston officially has a Venezuelan bakery now to serve the appetites of the growing Venezuelan community in Houston and to introduce its specialties to the rest of the Houstonian community. The dining area is tiny; about 5 small tables, surrounded by some shelves filled (maybe) with various imported Brazilian food items. But where Brasil Legal Cafe shines is with the food. The staff is friendly, and always able to offer suggestions. Their huge range of Latin American products are fresh and cheap. All south eastern, western and northern suburbs of Melbourne. VISIT SITE, There's also a hefty Latin American section, with high concentrations of Peruvian and Mexican products. The Saffa Shop is a leading South African Shop in Melbourne. Mid-East Foods offers products which meet the needs of the many ethnic communities in the region. Their mission is to "Make our customers happy by providing the products they miss from home - Friendly, Fast, Fair & With Fun". Although this place doesn't carry everything (like Peruvian beans) they stock pan dulce, pasilla chilies for chili rellenos, takis, chili candies and corn tortillas! Very small store. The price of the meat in general is very competitive. We are brazillains foodies passionated by the culinary diversity of brazil. This small to medium sized Latin store has a HUGE variety of meat from churrasco to chorizo to bacon to pork chops. Ah.. good to know there is an Argentinian bakery. The Portugal Supermarket has an extensive list of Portuguese and Brazilian products that can be purchased on site, meanwhile drinking a coffee, or through the website's online store. 276 likes. Categories. The Spice Wagon supplies freshly ground spices with no filler agents or artificial flavours. a map, description of the business and more! The chimichurri sauce is awesome! Web Site. They have all the  spices and ingredients from Argentina, Brazi, Ecuador, Peru and most other South American countries. Though a multinational grocery store. Wow thank you so much! I've noticed some South American products, but not sure what. Food Items. All kinds of Ecuadorian, Peruvian, and Latin American products. They are proud to offer items from the Caribbean, Latin America, Sri Lanka, the Middle East, Mauritius, India and many other nations. South America? A gem in New York City and heaven for those inspired gourmet cooks. Cookies help us deliver our Services. They have an extensive selection of groceries and ingredients from Spain, Argentina and Uraguay. The Empanadas are as good anywhere in the city and they are a great price. They carry aji amarillos--Peruvian yellow peppers--on the shelves in cans and jars and in the freezer. You can also find Spanish cheeses by the block, jamon, tamales and empanadas, any kind of hot sauce known to man, piles of tortillas and 17 sizes of paella pans. Harvestime--fantastic produce and meats, and really well chosen specialty items from a variety of world cuisines. Our mission is to empower small producers and young talents and at the same time add cultural gastronomy to people's lives. a nice selection of hard-to-find brazilian & south american groceries & liquors. Caribbean? Enquiries and bookings should be directed to They've got you covered. Don’t leave without a paper bag of their famous. Cool varied selection. Quick View . They manufacture their own smallgoods such as salami, chorizo and black pudding. They also have a selection of fresh-made bakery and dessert items. As others mentioned.. El Camaguey is an awesome market to buy everything you need for a carne asada taco party. It's a small Argentinian market/deli.The place offers incredible meat pastries & Pizza and a variety of imported foods from South America. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. We also sell and make our own Biltong, boerewors, stokkies and dry wors. Some look more like jams or paste, and some looked pickled. Custom blended seasonings and pre-mixes make ‘doing it from scratch’ easy. Traditional polish bread and cakes. If you are looking for something special in the cured meat department head here. Shop now. Penzey's is a great resource for spices, herbs, mixtures and flavorings, and it is near the top of the list of spice shops. They have an outstanding selection of groceries and traditional products. They stock a wide variety of lentils, curry leaves, paneer, and Indian spices as well as masa harina, fresh masa, fresh tortillas, crema fresca, queso fresco and other Mexican cheeses. The seafood, meat, and poultry is well organized. I went there once but there was a sign about them moving. Shop online today! Visit Site. There's a pretty decent beer selection and lots of cheap wine in the back too. There’s something for every taste (or lack thereof) with sauces ranging from flavourful to fierce with labels that are lurid to laughable. They guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised by their extensive range of international brands. I grew some aji lemon last year from seedlings bought at Masters Hardware. They have Guarana, Pacoquinha, and pao de quejo. For this we have created this selection of the best immersive culinary experiences that represent the brazil people and there culture. The seafood, meat, and poultry is well organized. market-type grocery store ever! That's all good. VISIT SITE, They stock everything from fresh epazote to blue corn masa to Guatemalan and Honduran crema. Is she South American? They also provide a comprehensive range of the world's finest teas, sourcing only high-grown Orthodox Factory teas from the world's finest tea producing regions.