SE V7X vs. Please note this is not a performance, just a quick and dirty test. For your information, Sennheiser E945 is usually more expensive than Sennheiser … both the e845 and e945 are excellent mics out the box and both have a natural, smooth tone however the e845 sounds warmer and a little fatter which tends to not cut through a loud, dense mix as well. It’s considered a step up from the e835 because it gives an extra presence boost and has a very clear sound, even in the low ranges. sE Electronics V7 (left) and V3. I just purchased a shure beta 58 and a Sennheiser e935. Sennheiser E835 and Sennheiser E945 are two dynamic microphones loved by many users. However after purchasing the mics, I brought them home and realized that the senn e935 is a cardioid and that the Senn e945 … the e945 has a bit lighter, less weighty tone but still retains a nice rich fullness and is more present which cuts through a mix better. In such case. Considering the greatness and positive reviews of both products, you may get confused in choosing between Sennheiser E835 and Sennheiser E945. The sE V3 and V7 are both hand-held, moving-coil vocal mics powered by neodymium magnets. Sennheiser e945 Supercardioid Dynamic Handheld Mic. I think the proximity effect is way too much on the voice for me on the V7X, hence the V7 which is tuned for voice. While sE are perhaps best known for their studio mics, they’ve made entries into the live-sound market before, and these two new very affordable dynamic microphones are designed to survive the hard knocks of life on the road. ive owned/sung with the e845, e935 and e945. sennheiser e935 vs. e945? First test is some "vocalizing" into both mics. The beta sounded great on my partners voice and the e935 sounded best on mine. They deliver excellent performance and capture sounds with the ultimate properties. September 30, 2017 by Tomasz. It is more tolerant to off-axis sounds. However, for general purpose, Sennheiser e935 is more suitable. Microphone comparison: SM58 vs V3 vs V7 by Gearslutz Reviews published on 2017-05-23T07:51:24Z A comparison of 3 dynamic microphones: the Shure SM58 and the sE Electronics V3 and V7. SE V7 on Voice and Snare Drum. Other than the grilles, the two mics can be differentiated by looking at the sE logo, which is black text on a white background on the V3 and white text on a red background on the V7. The V3 has a black grille with red foam windshield underneath, while the V7 has a silver grille with the same red windshield. Sennheiser e945. Sennheiser e935 Vs e945 Conclusion Sennheiser e945 can indeed deliver better audio quality for vocals, but only if the user has a decent technique in order to keep on-axis. Sennheiser e935 vs e945. We’ve arrived at the final Sennheiser microphone in our review, the e945. This time I am going to compare two very powerful and inexpensive vocal stage microphones from Sennheiser – e935 and e945 which are specifically designed to perform under pressure. They are not competing with each other, but rather are designed for different uses. Sennheiser e945 delivers fantastic results.