Natural cane sugar is made from sugar cane, while conventional white granulated sugar may be made from either cane or sugar beets. All rights reserved. Get FREE ACCESS to every recipe and rating from this season of our TV show. Thankfully, organic fine granulated sugar exists! Both raw-sugar layer cakes had a moist and uniform crumb and were fluffier than the cakes made with granulated sugar. I have several different types of sugar in my kitchen, including white sugar, brown sugar and a variety of coarse sugars. Turbinado sugar isn't as high as refined sugar on the GI scale and tends to not 'color' your baked item's sweetness profile too excessively. It works best in cakes and soft cookies but will not crisp up for crunchy cookies and toppings. But the other baked goods didn’t fare as well. For example, instead of one cup of white sugar, try 3/4 cup white sugar and 1/4 cup raw sugar. © 2020 America's Test Kitchen. Coarse sugars have a large crystal that takes a lot more effort to break down and they will take more moisture to dissolve. Baking with Raw Sugars We baked muffins, sugar cookies, layer cakes, and shortbread with granulated sugar and Demerara and turbinado sugars and compared the texture, flavor, and appearance of each. This means that cookie doughs made with coarse sugar will be drier than those made with regular sugar and you’ll also need to work much harder to get the sugar to dissolve into a meringue or frosting. It was baked into the cake and worked wonderfully. One tweak you can make when using raw sugar is to add a couple of teaspoons of water to a recipe to get back a little of that lost moisture. i use unrefined sugar in most of my cookie and cake recipes with success. Turbinado sugar is mainly used in sweetening beverages, but can also be used in baking. Raw sugars should be fine in moist, pourable batters but won’t work in drier doughs. Turbinado sugar is raw sugar that has only had the surface molasses washed off. I have also had to use raw sugar in place of icing sugar in a recipe (someone was allergic to the processed white sugar but not raw) and I ground it down to a fine powder in a coffee grinder. Acidic brown sugar, on the other hand, speeds gluten formation and egg protein coagulation, so the dough sets quickly, making cookies thick and tender/chewy. Brown sugar is white granulated sugar that has had cane molasses added to it. • Calorific value of raw sugar is just 11kcal per teaspoon whereas it is much higher (16kcal) in the case of white sugar. Crisp Your Cookie With This One Sugar Secret | The DIY Cook, Sugar: Why it's not always vegan, and what to do about it - Rivels and GritsRivels and Grits. Required fields are marked *. The crystals did not cook well, remaining whole and crunchy. […] “problem” (I use the term loosely) is to pre-process the raw sugar in a non-melty way. Good Buy 2020 Sale: $10 Equipment Books, No Limit! The raw-sugar muffins were denser and slightly squatter and tougher than those made with granulated sugar. Will let you know when I […], Your email address will not be published. Since both plants produce molecules of sucrose that are identical, this is not a significant distinction. This raw form of sugar is somewhat less processed than table sugar. Individual Pear Crisps with Oatmeal Streusel, Everyday Food rates Gluten Free Baking Mixes. These natural sugars have a lot of appeal when you’re in the grocery store looking for items that are less processed or have a more unique flavor, but even though they’re still sugar, that doesn’t mean that they are going to perform the same way in a recipe as regular white sugar will. I’ve even started using coconut sugar in baking. New grab-it deals like this daily. Shop now. Also called turbinado sugar, it may come in the form of cane juice, which is often used to sweeten non-dairy milks like almond, hemp, and cashew and in many healthier baking options. It looks like brown sugar, but the crystals are less processed, resulting in larger, coarser, crunchier granules and a higher molasses content.