Interestingly, a recent study explored the link between the mind and quantum physics. Here is the answer: Because quantum physics has the most profound implications of all scientific endeavors in human history. It is no accident that the development of psychology as a science took a quantum leap after 1900 C.E, when the era of the Classical Sciences came to an end and the Quantum era began. 7. Inspired by a series of reported experiments and their controversial results, Gabriel Guerrer from the University of São Paulo, investigated if volunteers could causally affect an optical double-slit system through mental efforts alone . In quantum physics for the past one hundred years, it’s been famously observed that, depending on the presence or absence of an observing human mind, subatomic entities like electrons and photons behave like pellet-like particles or waves. The quantum world may very well hold the keys to true human unity, where science and the world’s great religions walk hand-in-hand with one another. Psychology is the physics of the mind: Quantum physics is the psychology of the universe. The intention for studying quantum physics from a philosophical basis: To explore whether there is a scientific basis indicating the power of the mind can influence reality. Quantum Wave Functions Are Archetypes.