Available in A4 & … The Contractor shall keep indemnified the Owner from all claims, demands or actions that may be raised against the Owner by reason of anything done by the Contractor in the course of execution of works under this Agreement. 9.4. Download sample construction contract between owner and contractor - PDF/DOC. Neither the Owner nor Contractor shall hav e the right to assign any rights or interest occurring under this agreement without the written c onsent of the other, nor shall the Contractor assign any sums due, or to become due, to hi m under the provisions of this agreement. DHCD 11/07/2016 OWNER-CONTRACTOR AGREEMENT 00.52.39 c.30 39M $50k or more 2 of 2 altered or falsified documents from any such worker(s). A105-2017 replaces AIA A105-2007, Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Contractor for a Residential or Small Commercial Project. With our contractor and owner agreement Word template, you can create a legal document of this kind. An Agreement Between Owner and Contractor is an official contract between the owner of a property and a licensed contractor. The purpose of the agreement is mentioning the details of the work to be done at the owner's property. The Contractor understands and agrees that breach of any of these terms OWNER – CONTRACTOR AGREEMENT This Agreement for Construction Services (the “Agreement”) is made and entered into this _____ day of January, 2008, by and between The University of … For larger and more complex projects, other AIA owner/contractor agreements are Should this Contractor Agreement be determined by the default of the Owner, then the Contractor shall be paid liquidated and ascertained pre-estimate of damages in the sum of 20% of the Contract Sum provided that the 9.5 Instantly Download Agreement Between Owner and Contractor for Integrated Project Delivery Template, Sample & Example in Microsoft Word (DOC), Apple (MAC) Pages, Google Docs Format. DHCD 11/07/2016 Owner Contractor Agreement 00.52.00 c.149 $150k-10Mil 2 of 2 Article 5.