Three floors of Whiteabbey Hospital are being transformed to allow patients recovering from Covid-19 … Cuomo unveils 'winter plan' that will prioritize keeping schools open and find 'fair' way to distribute vaccine, Western New York is being 'annihilated' by COVID-19 with cases increasing tenfold in Buffalo where the positive test rate has remained above 5% for two weeks, One final Camp David Thanksgiving: President's adult children - including COVID free Don Jr. - gather for fireside picture ahead of Trump joining them later today after golf, Trump tears into Twitter claiming it makes up 'false trends' that discriminate against conservatives and demands Section 230 be repealed as DiaperDon begins to trend, 'This is what Communist countries do! Seven Nightingale hospitals built to cope with the feared pressures on the NHS in England from the first Covid-19 wave remain on standby, albeit in some cases repurposed or having been considered for alternative use. We will automatically post your comment and a link to the news story to your Facebook timeline at the same time it is posted on MailOnline. Building work on the 116-bed Nightingale Hospital was completed on the site of a … The Government had seven constructed, and the majority have remained moth-balled throughout the second wave. Your details from Facebook will be used to provide you with tailored content, marketing and ads in line with our Privacy Policy. Northern Ireland's second Nightingale Hospital is due to admit its first patients on Friday. Your comment will be posted to MailOnline as usual. Part of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday & Metro Media Group, Donald digs in: Trump says Biden can only enter the White House as president if he can 'prove' his 'ridiculous 80M votes' were NOT 'obtained by fraud' as he rows back his claim he WILL leave, Iran accuses Israel of trying to 'create full-blown war' by assassinating scientist PM Netanyahu named as father of rogue nation's nuke program, SoulCycle is under fire AGAIN as more employees come forward to make allegations of racial discrimination and top instructors' 'Hollywood demands' - with one 'throwing a kiwi fruit across the room in a fit of rage', Federal appeals court rejects Trump request to block certification of Pennsylvania's election results - paving its way to the Supreme Court, Pro-Trump donor sues to recover $2.5M donated to campaign to expose election fraud after shambolic efforts found none, Now Chinese scientists claim coronavirus originated in INDIA in summer 2019 amid heatwave 'that forced humans and animals to drink the same water', Americans ignore COVID for a bargain: Crowds line up overnight to snag deals despite being told by CDC to stay home and shop online as cases continue to soar over super-spreader Thanksgiving weekend, Black Friday 2020: Americans will spend $10 billion online on the busiest retail day of the season - up 39% from last year - as people shop from home amid rising COVID cases, A deflating experience: Viewers blast Macy's Thanksgiving parade as 'garbage' after acts are seen lip-syncing and the Rockettes skip their iconic kick line - as the chain store comes under fire for calling black sorority 'a diverse dance group', Chinese President Xi tells his army 'not to fear death' and 'prepare to win wars' as he addresses military commanders, US road safety agency is investigating nearly 115k Tesla vehicles after receiving complaints of suspension failure - just two days after the automaker recalled 9,000 Model X cars, COVID-19 hospitalizations on Thanksgiving Day surge past 90k for the first time amid the pandemic as the CDC forecasts another 57k deaths in the next three WEEKS and Dr. Fauci warns the US is in for a 'dark few weeks', 'All of the reindeer got the 'rona': NYC's notorious booze-fueled SantaCon is canceled because of COVID-19 and organizers urge revelers to stay at home, Single mom in Minnesota continues to open her bar despite Gov. The Nightingale Hospital in Exeter will receive its first coronavirus patients on Thursday, officials have confirmed. The mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, said on Wednesday that the Nightingale there could work as a “backup plan” quite quickly in the event of Covid admissions worsening, although staffing levels would have to be increased. Your comment will be posted to MailOnline as usual. Occupancy rates stood at 94.9 per cent nationally in the first week of December last year, and were at 95 per cent - or 744 out of 780 - at the trust. A Nightingale hospital in Birmingham is being readied again to take patients at 48 hours’ notice, according to a hospital CEO in the city. Covid infection rates in the South West as a whole have been among the lowest in the UK since September. The Nightingale hospital in Exeter was hastily put together in a former Homebase store during the first wave of the pandemic. The Government went on the recruitment drive during the first wave of the pandemic, bringing many healthcare staff workers out of retirement. In Bristol, plans were discussed for the dormant Nightingale hospital at the University of the West of England’s Frenchay campus to provide additional capacity for the city’s eye hospital, it was reported this week. 'What exactly is the purpose of the Nightingale hospitals when there are not the doctors and nurses to staff them?,' he said. Exeter's Nightingale hospital opened to Covid-19 patients for the first time today, it was revealed. The Labour MP added it was 'something I raised with Matt Hancock two weeks ago'. Dozens of patients with Covid-19 were turned. In Exeter they fell 20 per cent in the week to November 20 to 98.1 cases per 100,000 people. Trump loses it during Thanksgiving Day round of golf, blasting 'I hate this f*****g hole' as he shanks his ball into the water, Link to Sidney Powell's election lawsuit is banned by Twitter before site makes a U-turn saying it was 'mistakenly flagged' - as typo-laden legal document is ridiculed by experts, Trump says 'No thanks' to NFL players as he tweets picture of Detroit Lions and Houston Texans stars kneeling during national anthem ahead of Thanksgiving game, PIERS MORGAN: Put your toys back in the stroller and admit defeat, Mr President - or your increasingly sad and pathetic sore loser antics really will make you Diaper Don, Trump tells Georgia Republicans NOT to boycott the runoffs but to 'get out and help' David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler as the GOP battles to keep its Senate 'firewall' against Democrat agenda. Bosses at Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Trust insisted the extra-capacity was needed because they are 'very busy'. Most of the hastily constructed Covid centres have never had a patient, with some repurposed, Thu 8 Oct 2020 12.55 EDT This suggests pressure on hospitals will start to drop in the coming weeks. All rights reserved. Dozens of patients with Covid-19 were turned away in London because the Nightingale hospital had too few nurses to treat them. The hospital is one of seven Nightingale Hospitals built in England to cope with the pandemic. Speaking virtually in the Commons he told the Health Secretary on November 10 his local NHS wanted to use the hospital, but did not have the staff to do so. MailOnline understands the trust is not facing a staff shortage, and does not have many employees self-isolating after catching or being exposed to Covid-19. Nightingale hospitals in England have been on standby incase their intensive care beds are needed to cope with a surge in Covid-19 patients. The comments below have not been moderated. It has treated a small number of patients, all of whom have since left. Each location came with up … Positivity is 4.2 per cent. Scientific advisers wrongly suggested that the NHS Nightingale hospitals would be overwhelmed by mid-November when Boris Johnson was persuaded to trigger a second coronavirus lockdown. The temporary Nightingale hospitals in Manchester, Sunderland and Harrogate could be brought back into use to help with the spike in Covid-19 cases. Scientific advisers wrongly suggested that the NHS Nightingale hospitals would be overwhelmed by mid-November when Boris Johnson was persuaded to trigger a second coronavirus lockdown. There were 85 beds occupied by Covid patients on average in the trust in the seven-day spell to November 17, a 60 per cent rise on the previous week. But NHS data reveals only 88 per cent of beds — or 647 out of 736 — were occupied on average in the week ending November 22, the latest for which data is available. Play it now. London's Nightingale hospital was the first to be wound down on May 15 after treating just 54 patients in total in the near 4,000-bed facility. You can choose on each post whether you would like it to be posted to Facebook. The 116-bed unit — which was moth-balled for months — is the second to start admitting patients in England, after Manchester's makeshift facility re-opened last month to provide treatment for non-Covid patients. In the north-east, which has a number of Covid-19 hotspots, the Nightingale hospital in Washington, Sunderland, which has not been used, will remain available as long as necessary, health authorities say. Central London’s leading private mental health hospital, specialising in general mental health, including eating disorders and addictions.