Calcium nitrate is the only water soluble form of calcium. Apply up to 7 days ahead of planting your Sungrazer 777 Bermudagrass seeds or any planted seeds products. ". Logically, plant stimulation could not be expected unless soil nitrogen (probably in nitrate form) is present. FastLime Calcium increased ammonium absorption caused by calcium has interesting results. Product details. Basically, FastLime // QuickLime // CalciumDirect liquid calcium is different than lime because it will be absorbed by your plants as a nutrient boosting agent in the first 3-6 months no matter if you use 2 or 10 gallon per acre (compared to 1-3 tons of mined limestone, which typically will take 3 to 4 years for total nutrient break down). LiberateCa™ is a calcium sulfate fertilizer designed to easily prevent or correct calcium deficiency for all types of crops. This means that we can use FastLime calcium-Foliar Feeder Plus III, applied foliarly, as a means of extracting soil nitrate, which makes this technology an excellent environmental and agronomic tool. The importance of calcium as an essential plant nutrient in the soil is often overlooked. So it's a very saturated product, it's quite heavy, about 12.2 lbs. The commercial grade of liquid calcium nitrate has an analysis of 9-0-0 11% Ca. Liquid Calcium is the most effective way to raise soil pH and increase Nutrient availability in the soil. Tote / Weight: 2950 Lbs. The plant-based polymer chains protecting the calcium prevents it from reacting with phosphorus and other nutrients, so it remains usable to plants. I am recommending this to all my friends. Compare this product Remove from comparison tool. Pro-Cal is the first step in treating any field. When FastLime and nitrogen from Foliar Feeder Plus III is applied to soils, the nitrogen can quickly convert to nitrate, especially in the summer (The presence of nitrate does not hinder the plant's use of ammonium.) "I've never seen anything work like this, I applied in January 2018 and it greened up immediately. Liquid calcium nitrate is the technical grade of calcium nitrate that's been liquified. Adding Liquid Calcium will also boost nitrogen production in soil. Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Minister congratulated the GSFC for introducing the liquid boronated calcium nitrate fertilizer in the country which was earlier being imported from other countries. Research has shown that the optimum amount of calcium to apply is 1 gallon of fastlime calcium per 3 gallons of foliar feeder. It's used and liquified with steam, we don't do it … FerroTurf 3-0-0 Essential source of iron. FastLime Liquid Calcium Benefits in Plants, The "Four Rights" (4Rs) Of Fertilizer Application, Foliar Feeder III Plus 25-0-0 with Micronutrients Liquid Fertilizer | 265 Gallon Tote, Foliar Feeder III Plus 15-10-5 with Micronutrients Liquid Fertilizer | 265 Gallon Tote, Foliar Feeder III Plus Complete with Micronutrients | All Purpose | 20-20-20 Fertilizer | 2,000LB (80 x 25lb bags), Foliar Feeder III Plus Complete with Micronutrients | All Purpose | 30-10-10 Fertilizer | 2,000LB (80 x 25lb bags), Apply 1-2 gallons per acre for Assurance Guarantee Program Performance. The versatile nature of this fertilizer makes it easy to prevent calcium deficiencies, or correct them when signs appear. Liquid Calcium Study Shows Little pH Effect By Dan Crummett posted on November 26, 2019 | Posted in Nutrient Management , Soil Health First-year results from a new Oklahoma study on the use of liquid calcium on bermudagrass pasture yielded no statistical differences in pH levels when compared with traditional liming agents. In contrast, Super Cal Liquid Calcium is a highly soluble calcium concentrate that is mixed with water and can be sprayed directly on plants and soil. Most InstaGro products have a near neutral pH, very low salt content and no heavy metals. FastLime Liquid calcium presents growers with an alternative solution to boost calcium applications. He said that liquid fertilizer was a new concept which would help the farming community as this fertilizer would be prepared as per the requirements of different areas of the country. LiberateCa is effective in many different soil types, and it can be applied in many different ways. Furthermore, the low rate of calcium that can be used in foliar applications reduces the risk of leaf burn, yet seems to trigger the same beneficial effects as soil-applied product. Plants only take up calcium - nitrate when the crop is transpiring. Also, surplus nitrogen absorbed by plants is stored and is available to promote growth all season. Liquid calcium nitrate is the technical grade of calcium nitrate that's been liquified. Applying the right nutrient source at the right rate, at the right time in the growing season and in the right place. Fill out you information below and your local soil advisor will call you with more information for your specific needs! FastLime Liquid Calcium Feeder | 265 Gallons | Tote. Thus, the fertilizer application method and time of year could become important in very high western heat levels. Shipping Note: Please be sure to have this delivered to a location that can handle the weight of the tote and can remove the product from the truck. Water soluble to enhance utilization and increase foliar absorption Down To Earth’s Liquid Calcium 5% is an essential nutrient that plays many important roles in plant growth. The result is quick improvements and obvious results without the delay of waiting for the calcium to break down. Apply 1/2 gallon - 1 gallons per acre direct in furrow injection with later side dress applications if desired or overtop foliar sprays available to plant no deeper than 6", Top broadcast rate 1 gallon - 2 gallon broadcast with follow up plow in pre-plant, Over top plant applications at 30-45 day intervals, Over the top applications with chemical spray application are recommended up to bloom set based on a 30-45 day application windows, 1 gallon per acre monthly through irrigation system is required if applicable. The pH alone is not a valid indicator of soluble calcium levels in soils. It's used and liquified with steam, we don't do it ourselves, we just buy it already pre-liquified. 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