According to The Guardian, November is set to go on record as the “..worst month of the pandemic so far in the US.” For travel nurses and healthcare workers on the frontlines, this is not the news they’ve been waiting for. What is for certain, however, is that healthcare will be more important than ever, and if you’re looking for recession-proof employment, nursing will definitely offer you security, stability, and the opportunity to make a difference. Even outside of direct COVID-19 care at the critical care level, nurses can be employed at other necessary posts, such as nursing home facilities, childcare facilities, and community health programs. Highest paying cities for travel nurse jobs. Fastaff, a Denver-based nursing staffing agency, told the Denver Business Journal they are getting requests for hundreds of nurses at a time--when they normally only employ 1,000 nationwide at a time. Winter needs for travel nurses: Where you should head when the temperature drops, Shifting Your Healthcare Staffing Strategies in the Wake of COVID-19, What hospitals are doing to protect their staff, Benefits of taking a nursing job in the Northeast or Midwest during the winter, Why becoming a labor and delivery nurse might be right for you, Overcoming 5 Common Obstacles to Travel Nursing. In states that have declared a state of emergency, there may be exceptions to licensure requirements. Walker A. Some states are also issuing temporary licenses to allow for faster staffing, and many hospitals are waiving certain requirements, like BSN stipulations, for crisis staffing. Their contract lengths range anywhere from 1 week to 5 months and are paying as high … Thousands of new travel nurses have hit the road since the outbreak of COVID-19, and they’re joining 50k other travel nurses who are already covering gaps in care coast-to-coast. From paying travel nurses over $10,000 per week to pooling nursing students to begging retired RNs and army medics to come back to work  - here’s how hospitals and employment agencies are trying to stay staffed through the COVID-19 pandemic. Wondering how to get started in healthcare fast? As COVID-19 cases in the U.S. have surpassed the 10,000 mark, healthcare facilities are working overtime to try to keep nurses on staff to care for the influx of patients who need care. Check out our list of the top gifts for nurses. Travel nurses & RTs are earning over $10K per week to work in NYC - Here's how to help. 11,026 Covid RN jobs available on By Deena Beasley. Especially for all the people who will remember the pandemic and helpless feeling of living through this pandemic, this could really be the call you’ve been waiting for to go to school for nursing. COVID-19 nursing jobs updated daily. Whether you’re interested in making travel nursing a career, or just want to earn more money in the short-term, now is the time to jump feet first into a travel contract. When you travel with Fastaff Travel Nursing, you’ll earn the highest pay rates, and enjoy shorter assignments and more guaranteed hours. States are waiving individual state nurse licensure requirements. They put themselves in the eye of the hurricane, helping those in great need, which is why they’re our nation’s heroes. 6. Earn what you deserve as a traveling registered nurse with Fastaff Travel Nursing’s highest paying travel nurse jobs in the industry. Check out some of the crisis pay nurse jobs TaleMed currently has available. The challenges in staying staffed are numerous--not only are healthcare facilities being overwhelmed by the sheer number of patients who are coming in droves to be tested (with often very limited test kits, leading to long waits and crowds), but the number of patients with severe complications is increasing. In the last few weeks, Hospitals and Skilled Nursing Facilities across the West and Midwest have hit crisis-level nurse shortages, resulting in flexible contracts options for nurses who can help. For media inquiries, please contact [email protected]. "Nurses quit, join traveling nursing companies and go work for a different hospital down the street, making two to three times the rate," he said. Retired and non-working RNs are being asked to come back to work. Your duties include providing long term care or extra assistance in remote areas that need additional medical professionals. Staffing agencies are paying travel nurses up to $6,000 per week + quarantine pay. And, if a nurse becomes infected--or shows COVID-19 symptoms and is unable to get tested (again, because of a lack of testing kits)--they will have to self-quarantine, further reducing the staff pool. Apply to Licensed Practical Nurse, Travel Nurse, Licensed Vocational Nurse and more! The army asks retired nurses and medics to help in civilian hospitals. Now you can maximize your time at work and enjoy the extra free time that experienced travel nurses work so hard for. Travel nurses have a big job, especially during a pandemic. April 1, 2020. Doctors are already predicting that this pandemic will cause more patients in the future to embrace seeing a doctor online, to prevent future exposures. Travel Nurse Jobs Paying $4,045 Per Week At the publishing of this article, Hospitals and Skilled Nursing Facilities across the West and Midwest are facing crisis-level nurse shortages. Walker, A. Here are 7 ways. Contracts range anywhere from 1 week  to 5 months and are paying as high as $4,045/week for 36 hours. Best travel nursing companies 2020. This means that it can be easier to bring in travel nurses, or out-of-state nurses who have licensures only in their home state, to allow them to work in an affected area. 2. Even higher pay can be found advertised in. Bluepipes. It’s probable that this pandemic will lead to embracing more technology in healthcare, from making nursing school online more accessible for remote learners, but also bringing more opportunities in telehealth available as well. Here are just some of the ways that hospitals and healthcare staffing agencies are doing their part to keep nurses on the front lines in the wake of COVID-19: 1. COVID-19 Urgent Travel Nurse Jobs Thank you for joining Nomad in supporting these urgent crisis response needs across the country. While some agencies are offering travel nursing positions with crisis pay, many travel RN positions right now with Faststaff are reaching $4K/week, plus potential bonus, sign-on, and quarantine pay. 3. As staff are exposed to more infected patients and have less access to PPE to keep them safe, their own risk of infection increases too. In an email written by Lt. Gen. Thomas Seamands, deputy chief of staff for Human Resources Command, requested former service members that served in the medical field to return to active duty. Student nursing programs policies are being changed, The Nursing and Midwifery Council in the UK  is proposing to update its student nurse clinical requirements to allow for student nurses to be permitted to fulfill their clinical requirements while serving as emergency helpers in COVID-19, with “specific conditions of practice to ensure appropriate safeguards are in place.”. 673 LPN Travel Contract $50,000 jobs available on Arkansas Proposes $55 million in nurse pay raises. Nomad has updated our policy to include pay and insurance coverage for nurses impacted by possible quarantine. Clearly, this pandemic has demonstrated that the U.S. healthcare system is in drastic need of some significant improvements. Within the plan, he outlined significant pay raises for nurses - $1,000 additional per month for all nurses in Arkansas and $2,000 per month for nurses who work in facilities with COVID-19 patients. 1-800-494-0087 Travel Nurse Pay Triples Amid COVID-19 and Hospitals Use These 6 Extreme Hiring Tactics By: Chaunie Brusie From paying travel nurses over $10,000 per week to pooling nursing students to begging retired RNs and army medics to come back to work - here’s how hospitals and employment agencies are trying to stay staffed through the COVID-19 pandemic. What is travel nursing? There's no time like the present to get started on a nursing career - in fact, most schools offer online programs. All of those staffing challenges have led to hospitals and healthcare facilities around the country falling into almost desperate measures to recruit nurses. That includes all retired RNs and nurses who haven’t worked in a while. You’ll get the benefits of a full-time staff job, housing and relocation options, and the stability of earning top pay. 裂Coronavirus/COVID-19⚠️ High Pay Travel Nursing Job Board 六‍⚕ has 2,284 members. LPN travel assignment jobs include a variety of positions that require traveling to visit patients in their homes or to provide assistance to residents at nursing facilities or hospitals that are short-handed.