Quest Step The Long Tomorrow Retrieve the Cache of Medicine ⏳ Later in game after Botanical Lab: Quest Step The Frightened Engineer First Volume. This area will serve as an introduction to the game and the colony of Halcyon. You can also inspect the 1st floor exhibition to read about the Fauna of the planet. Continue northwest through a shanty camp which contains some minor loot. Lee De Forest Radio Club: H.A.M. Head to Emerald Vale Community Center, and defeat the Marauder enemies guarding the area. Ol’ Reliable is a heavy machine gun (which counter-intuitively takes Light ammo) with a base attack of 30 damage, and 429 damage per second. Meetings are held at the Valle Vista Community Center, 43935 E. Acacia Avenue in Valle Vista the second Saturday of each month from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm. For more information contact Ron Baker (951) 658-8807. Radio testing. Emerald Vale Community Center. Learn about what Characters and Companions appear in Emerald Vale Community Center, as well as what Quests can be found here. You can then go inside and face against a few Marauder enemies that have killed workers and residents and moved in. Follow the road past a couple of marauder enemies. All you have to do is leg it to the Primal Nest, northeast of the Emerald Vale Community Center and fight off a few Primals. (The Community Center is closed due to COVID-19 until further notice) Located on Leisure Lane adjacent to Town Hall (at 7500 Emerald Drive, directly across the street from Emerald Isle Realty), the Community Center is a place where you and your family can re-create yourselves! Interestingly, that’s nowhere near as good as the Light Machine Gun Mk 2, which deals a base damage of 58. H.A.M. There's plenty to be looted and hacked within the Community Center, so go through each room. It's after the You'll find a level 10 locked door that leads back into Edgewater. The Emerald Vale is the first area of The Outer Worlds. Emerald Vale Community Centre. This is a Map page for the Emerald Vale Community Center Local area in the game The Outer Worlds. Guide to Mechanical Engeneering Volume 1 it is upstairs on desk. Menifee Valley Porcelain Artist: A local community group meets every … Continue northwest along the road, killing more marauders outside some buildings. Return to the Junkyard and continue northwest. Menifee Programs: Contact (951) 672-6744. Radio Licenses.