Hundreds of them appear at raves and electronic music festivals all over Australia. Mr. Oliva embodied true bodybuilding spirit mixed with amazing genetics. He was a freakish cartoon monster, period. Until the day IFBB changes and starts giving more points to symmetry, beauty, low-bodyfat levels, small waists (not HGH guts) and natural looks, we are stuck with the disgusting state of bodybuilding today. I think body building culture is toxic, unhealthy and unrealistic. You can destroy your liver faster than drinking jugs of alcohol every week. Especially teenage boys. And it's only needed for your lean body mass. Copyright © 2016 Arnold Schwarzenegger (7 time Mr. Olympia) – the most famous bodybuilder of our time (period!). It is hard to take a step back since you have family obligations, even with toxic people. I have never had someone tell me they are excited to go to the gym, they always describe it as a chore. offseason and you begin to realize the problem. Not a part of the community so can't speak for that, but it still seems to me like a good way to get people to exercise more and eat healthier. P.S. Bodybuilding is a beta-male cache these days. You're gonna take in a lot of fat and cholesterol trying to take in a lot of protein. And who were the judges who looked at Yates and thought “Terrific! IMO, he didn’t win the Olympia because he was all mass and not enough definition and symmetry. display: none !important; The internet has only made things a lot worse. People love to make anorexia jokes whenever a famous actress gets too thin (and fat jokes if she goes six pounds the other direction), but you'd never look at, say, The Rock and wonder if he has body image issues. Of course not! Presently, bodybuilding is in disarray. The man is a legend in his own time, but for a bad reason. That's a fair point. The man was just out of this world in terms of abusing everything from steroids to growth hormone – and he is not alone, IFBB PROs are abusing drugs left and right these days. }. At barely 5'10, Dorian was 290lbs. Sit back and imagine that this individual is probably walking close to 300lbs. He hold multiple personal training certifications, including the coveted NASM and AFAA certificates. If they see a top bodybuilder eating 300 grams of protein, they will too. He laid the ground work for guys to come into professional bodybuilding in shape, lean and shredded – like Greek statues. He looks awesome! I genuinely believe body dysmorphia disorder is at an all time high. The second two, Yates and Coleman, are these tiny heads without necks on top of some kind of mutant-looking humanoid masses. Even so, eating excess protein isn't harmful, so why does it matter? Also, the steroid laws. You most anything right learning and you get bombarded with hate and eventually your comment gets downvoted enough it literally disappears. It is, therefore, ironic that Frank Zane could NOT win US Nationals much less place top 10 at any IFBB Pro show today. privatecharlie September 27, 2014, 12:38 pm. In today's sick and twisted world of bodybuilding, guys are stepping on stage at 5'6 240-250lbs. I was tired of eating so much food, spending all that time in the gym, I had no energy, not willing to do drugs, and am not built for the sport. display: none !important; We respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously. tl;dr Body building culture has become toxic, obsessive and saturated with people with unrealistic expectations and uneducated uninformed opinions. The man was a real chemical tank, he was unbelievably huge but unbelievably abusive. I disagree that it is better to be constantly working out than eating 24/7. I researched a lot about fitness and nutrition in general. I had to stop browsing and unsubscribed because of all the meathead, useless information. Calisthenics have been becoming more apparent, but 85% of people are still barbell users. Better for teens to want to look good and get girls than be content at being fat and suffering from weight-related ailments at 30. A well thought out opinion that hasn't been rehashed. Another complete waste of money. Anyone under 5' 10 is a manlet in /fit/'s eyes. “The truth of the matter is the IFBB judges are the ones to blame, they are the ones that score the biggest, nastiest and freakiest bodybuilders with the highest scores.”. No natural average lifter needs those amounts. Of course. More annoying than that is the fact that they are thinking they're doing something great and inspiring people, while people might desire their bodies, the fact that they are destroying them with steroids completely negates it. In fact, only one actually. Upvote. Captcha:* * five  +   =  10 .hide-if-no-js { I'm sure most of you are aware of the booming industry that body building has become in the past 7-8 years or so. You don't need 2.0, 3.0, or 5.0 grams of protein per pound of body weight. And really, what do you expect out of teenagers? at times) offseason and came into competition at 260lbs.+, the man was a monster. The main problem is the fitness supplement industry and steroid laws. It's pathetic to think that because Frank Zane is not abusing steroids, he would be punished for it in today's bodybuilding world! Sergio Oliva (3 time Mr. Olympia) – the god of modern bodybuilding. You have extra weight that doesn’t shift. In his time, steroid cycles were kept simple: Deca Durabolin, Dianabol, Primobolan. The most popular bodybuilding message boards! He is the reason bodybuilding is now worse than ever. The problem with intensive bodybuilding doesn’t just lie with the training itself, but also with many of the other things that tend to go hand in hand with bodybuilding, such as the use of whey protein powders and other dietary supplements and the consumption of evolutionarily novel foodstuffs. How can we sit back and think this is the right course of action for our industry? As such, the average American already eats more protein than they need so I can't imagine how much more a body builder does. The internet has only made things a lot worse. The best way to put it is: Dorian Yates was a game changer in bodybuilding. However, bodybuilders wasn't gigantic before steroids was made, take a look at Eugene Sandow. Wonderful!” instead of “Oh no no, too big, he has no neck and too thick a stomach, everything is way over the line” like the rest of us? Of course, he was cheated by Joe Weider and IFBB, but that's for another day and another article. PS: I also think the Rise of Aziz Shavershian aka "Zyzz" on the internet created a cult community of dickheads who don't really give a shit about body building nor know much about lifting in general. Albert and his team have trained over 100 IFBB professional bodybuilders, including Hollywood stars and many up and coming fitness stars. Most of the people I've met or spoken to on the internet aren't even competing. Yep. I'm talking 150-300g per day. I'll be telling you guys some shady and toxic things i've noticed in the bodybuilding industry after being a bodybuilder for almost 10 years! and walked around at over 330lbs. what are the best janitor schools i can get into? Like, the should be a limit on how much you can take and you should have a certificate claiming you are knowledgeable enough to not be proceeding down a dangerous path when taking steroids.